Grooms Annoucement

We are excited to announce that Bluegrass Barrels were recently named a Top 8 Groomsman Gift by Maxim and the # 1 Groomsmen Gift by  To celebrate, we want to offer all grooms a 20% off discount for orders of six or more barrels!  Simply email and we will send you the discount code!

Bluegrass Barrels Blog

Kristin's Campfire Cider- by Sean Nolph

So this is a pretty basic infused bourbon recipe that I came up with. It is a great fall recipe that could go well with a number of things, and even stand well on its own, but I paired the infused bourbon with cider in the fall spirit for an outdoor Oktoberfest campfire and cookout. And being in New England and it being chilly, I made an adult Hot Cider!



What Makes Pappy....Pappy?

One reason why I love working in the bourbon industry is because the leaders in the industry are some of the most approachable people on earth.  Point being, call the Pappy Van Winkle phone number on their website and who will pick up the phone?  None other than Julian or Preston Van Winkle.  No “gate-keeper” to divert phone calls.  Image trying to call Warren Buffett or Bill Gates.  Good luck trying to speak with them!



Bourbon Taste Test Results

So it has been four months since I promised you these results and I am just now getting them to you. So what, big wup, wanna fight about it?! Seriously though, I need to apologize for me taking FOREVER in getting you these results.


Bluegrass Barrels PR

So Bluegrass Barrels are awesome, we all know this, but now, slowly but surely, the rest of the world is starting to realize this simple fact.  Bluegrass Barrels was recently recognized in Louisville’s # 1 business publication, Business First.  Check out the PR!  Thank you Business First!


A few Tasty Recipes for your Barrel

When I first started the site in 2011, I promised that I would provide you with some fun, delicious recipes to use for your barrels.  Below are a few tasty concoctions that either I have created or customers have submitted.   I will be submitting more in the near future, so check back often.


Exciting New Bourbon Releases

With this being our first blog entry, as the reader, set your expectations low!  I am by no means a writer, but I love bourbon and learning as much as possible about the fine amber spirit.  With me actively seeking to taste as many new bourbons as possible (wow do I sound like an alcoholic), I will pass along my experiences.  Being born and raised in the amazing city of Louisville, KY (AKA the Bourbon Capital of the World) has allowed me to gain access to many established and influential people in the bourbon industry. 


Welcome To Bluegrass Barrels!

Welcome to Bluegrass Barrels! With our first blog post, we at Bluegrass Barrels want to thank you for stopping by the site! Be sure to check back on a regular basis for blog posts about many different topics, including: